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Jul 2014

Message: Hi, I have a few questions on your FIR sauna  heater panels. How many sub-panels are in one 32"x20" 300 W panel, one picture shows 6 panels, one show 4 and another shows 5? As I'd like to know what wattage each sub panel is. Are these sub panels wired in series or parallel? Does the wattage of each panel remain at 300 watt for both 120 and 240 models? I have a Thermotex brand (made in Calgary) FIR heating pad and their technical info says the FIR penetrates up to 2.36" into the body, your says 1", why the difference? The pad is rated at 35 watts (120vac). I see the price on your website is $150 but I saw them on for $125, is one of them in err? Obviously I prefer the $125 lol. How much is shipping to Calgary per panel and what shipping options do you offer? Thanks, Walter

Dated on : 07-07-2013

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Walter each 300 Watt sauna Infrared panel contains one heater.  I think what you are referring to are the wooden cross slabs which protect the actual panel.  I believe there are 4 in each panel. The panels are wired in parallel.   Yes the Wattage is the same with 120 and 240 VAC models.   Most of what of what you read on IR is BS.  The rays don't penetrate the body but do heat it. We can sell it to you for $125, just give us a call.   Dan

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Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if it was actually one big panel with support slats. I was actually looking for smaller panels thus the question. Interesting that you say everything I read about IR is BS. I thought the whole reason for using IR was because it penetrated the body as opposed to say a standard heating pad. Please tell me more. Thanks, Walter 

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Walter most (95%) is marketing!  The health benefit of any sauna is that your sweat.  It doe not miraculously penetrate the body killing cancer or removing toxins.   It does not miraculously burn of fat!  Toxins are removed by sweating through the body's natural methods.  In an infrared sauna you will sweat start sweating at a lower ambient temperature, some people like that.  Others prefer humidity and or a higher temp.  There are really no other benefits other than sweating which happens in all types of saunas.  It is not a microwave that penetrates the objects.   Think of the sun, can it penetrate a solid wall?  No it stops at the surface and warms through convection just like hot air does. I hope this helps? Dan   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-09-2013

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