EMF Readings on Infrared Sauna Panelsby Admin
Feb 2017

Message: Do you have any information on the magnetic field generated by these panels?  i would like Gauss readings at a measured distance -  say 1 inch or 4 inch distance from the panel.thank you

Dated on : 12-31-2016


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Just a follow up.  Because you specifically said magnetic field, I assumed you are asking about the low frequency  60Hz electro-magnetic radiation that would be transmitted as a result of the 60Hz current flowing through the carbon mat.  This is the only source of such low frequency emf and is the type radiated all around us from 60 Hz appliances and devices.  The field strength of that at a specific distance I do not have. The other source of electromagnetic frequencies are those emitted in the Infrared and far Infrared spectrum that one feel as heat.  Those we have the following report on.https://www.heaters4saunas.com/infrared-sauna-heater-emf-report-ezp-78.html


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-02-2017

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