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Jun 2014

Message: Hello, I am building a large outdoor sauna room at our lake house and am wondering if there is such thing as a propane sauna heater.  I want something with a good heat up time and electricity in our neck of the woods is too expensive.   Please let me know my options. Burt

Dated on : 06-25-2013

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Burt, there are some propane sauna heaters but from what I have seen these are generally reserved for commercial facilities and are costly.   Have you considered a wood fired hot tub heater?  These can be equally as powerful and have a quick heat up time.  A wood fired sauna heater such as the one listed on this site one can heat up to 800 square feet very quickly.  They also come with a large rock storage capacity so that you have good retained heat when adding water to the rocks to create steam.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-25-2013


Dan I have seen the wood fired heaters and I think they would do the same job as a propane sauna heater, however we live in a dry climate and we have wood bans often that was why we thought about a gas sauna heater instead.   I have one more question.  The seat design we have is two levels.  Can you recommend a good seat width for both the top and bottom sauna seats?

Post By : Burton Rush Dated On : 06-25-2013


Burt this is a good question.  Generally seats are anywhere from 18" -24" with the top sauna seat height usually being larger than the bottom sauna seat.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-25-2013

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