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Feb 2014

Message: I recently purchased via eBay/paypal, a saunacore digital control (#260730613089).  - I would like to verify that it can operate my saunacore 6,000 watt heater. - I would like it overnighted. - It was suggested I visit this site and save 10%, but not sure if it was meant:          - save 10% on just the shipping          - or, save 10% on both the control and shipping (which I woud prefer but I assume I have to cancel the eBay/Paypal order)   Please advise asap Mark Hager   218-966-6100, 218-326-5774

Dated on : 01-16-2013


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Mark, I have asked Peter to contact you and send you a PayPal link for the extra shipping cost.  You had purchased the item on EBay not our store so I can't give you the 10% discount as it only applies to our store purchases.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-16-2013


Dear Mark, You will receive an emailed invoice with the quote for expedited overnight shipping shortly. In regards to your question on the operation of a 6.0 Kw saunacore heater, yes, this controller will work fine with your heater. Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 01-16-2013

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