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Oct 2013

Northern Lights - Sauna Parts
More Sauna Accessories have Arrived! 

Introducing our new 2012 Fall Sauna Accessory line up with new products such as large capacity stainless steel sauna buckets with ladles, 2 tone thermometers and the popular soap and scrub shelf with towel rack. 
In the news:
We are on television, again!!! 
Our Infrared Sauna Panel Packages will be featured on the DIY networks television series, "I Hate My Bath."
Show will be aired Tuesday, September 7th, 2012 at 2pm E/P Time.

*Will be re-aired Oct 28th, 2012 at 7pm E/P time - Video will be available on our website if airing is missed.
Click here for options and pricing on our DIY Infrared Sauna Room Packages.

3 New Products from Northern Lights
Solar Solutions
New dual handled sauna bucket with ladle
Now $55
More Info


Solar Solutions

New stainless steel sauna bucket with ladle 

Now $60 
More Info

Solar Solutions
New soap and scrub shelf with towel rack
Now $45 
More Info

Tip of the Month
Using a water based sauna sealant can protect your benches, walls and flooring from water, shampoo and oil stains?

Northern Lights Group offers both a water based sauna sealant and a water based sauna cleaner at an affordable price.

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