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Mar 2014

Message: Hi there we live in Seattle Washington and I have recently started to build an outdoor sauna using a shed package that I purchased.  I have been looking for a wood fired sauna heater locally but no one has any thing like what you have.  Do you ship your sauna heaters to Seattle?  If so approx how long is delivery from the time I order the wood sauna stove?   Thanks   Jay

Dated on : 03-14-2013


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Jay thanks for your enquiry.  Yes we sell our sauna heater in Seattle.  We ship all over the world and do so via UPS.  Typically customers choose ground shipment as it is the most economical but we can expedite you order and ship air if you need it right away.  Seattle is a popular location for a wood fired sauna heater as its climate is popular for sauna bathing.  The abundance of wood makes wood fired sauna heaters popular.  If you ordered today I would expect about 4-5 days delivery.   Let me know if you have any other questions.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-14-2013


Dan you hit the nail on the head!  Seattle is cold and wet 1/2 the time and nothing takes the chill out like a good sauna session.  I am almost done my sauna room and will be ordering the Family 13 wood sauna heater.  Can you tell me the rear clearance needed for this sauna heater?   J

Post By : Jason Burrow Dated On : 03-14-2013


Jason, you will need to put a fire resistance shield behind the heater and the wall.  You can find these at most hardware stores.  With this you can get the clearance fro the wood sauna heater to about 6" from the back of the wall.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-14-2013

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