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Feb 2014

Message: I have a 5-6 person infrared sauna for which there are no parts or service available.  Apparently there is a problem with the circuit board (keeps blowing capacitors).  I bypassed the board and find that the heaters work. Since I cannot get another circuit board, would your Saunacare digital controller be a possible means of controlling time/temperature?  If so could my existing wires to the heaters be connected to it?  I'm using 220 volts and 20 amp breaker for it. Would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.  If there is no  way to fix, I could look into converting from infrared to a regular sauna heater.

Dated on : 02-26-2013


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John, Yes the Mercuri Controller would be a good replacement for your existing controller.  This controller is used in both Infrared Sauna Room and Traditional Sauna Rooms.  It can be hooked up to 220 VAC or 110 VAC.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-26-2013


John, The Saunacore Mercuri Digital controller will do what you are thinking about.  It requires 240 volts which you have. Its internal contacts can switch up to 30 Amps resistive load.  Sauna heaters usually always come with a high limit switch  and you would retain that high limit switch in series with the element.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 02-26-2013


Just to clarify, the conflicting information.  The Mercuri controller requires 240 volts.  It will not work with 120 volts.  The 220 volt or 230 volt or 240 volt terminology is all the same with people using the term 220 volts or 230 volts loosely.  Dieter Jung

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Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 02-26-2013

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