Retrofit Sauna with IR panelsby Admin
Feb 2014

Message: I have a sauna with the sauna Tontuu heater that emits dry heat and can also emit steam by pouring water on the stones.  Is that a problem if I added the ceramic infrared heaters to it.  Thanks, D

Dated on : 01-19-2013


Replies :

Dear D. There would likely be a problem adding Ceramic IR heaters, but there would not be any problems adding Carbon Fiber IR panels Here is a hyperlink to our IR panel page.  You will see that we offer Carbon Fiber IR panels which can be used in a steam sauna.    We are a sauna mfg ourselves and we offer hybrid heating systems on our the barrel saunas we mfg.  (*hybrid meaning both electric and Infrared sauna)  Sincerely Peter Moroz Northern Lights Group 

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 01-21-2013

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