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Oct 2012



we are looking to upgrade our  Sauna to a more efficient heat source they are both very old. Can you advise on the best heat source with the best heat to power consumption as we run on a generator at our ski Lodge



Dated on : 09-10-2011


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Sandy I would suggest with a commercial style sauna you need to got the traditional route with a Finnish Style electric heater.  Infrared heaters draw less power but are not popular amongst true sauna enthusiasts that prefer the high heat as they don't heat the room temperature.  We have a variety of electric sauna and the size would depend on the size of your room.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-10-2011




I would agree with Dan.  Electric heaters are all nearly 100% efficient.  It becomes a matter of how well you insulate, not what type of electric heater you use.  A sauna that is insulated twice as well will need that much less power to keep it hot.  If you wish the air to be hot, it takes approx 15 watts per cubic foot, for a normally insulated sauna.  That doesn't change whether the power comes form a traditional heating element or an IR source.  If you would make do with a cooler room,  IR panels can be used with less power consumption.  However I agree with Dan, that for a commercial application IR heaters have drawbacks.


Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 11-10-2011





Hi Dan our sauna has 2 heaters right now. Its 17ft long 6ft wide with 7ft ceilings all cedar Would you recommend 1 big unit or 2 small units? Please let me know power consumption and prices? What’s delivery time and do you install?Thanks Sandy 


Post By : Sandy Best

Dated On : 11-10-2011



I would recommend a large commercial unit would suffice.   Given it is in a commercial environment a commercial heater would last longer. We have a 10 Kw heater.


Dated On : 12-10-2011

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