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Jan 2015

Message: Hello, I am interested in your infrared sauna package to install in my 6' x 7' room.  My question is this:  there is a hot-tub in this area, although it is covered with a thermal cover and slightly below the wooden resting area (in other words, not directly in the proposed path of the heating panels.  Can you indeed "combine" the hot tub and sauna in the same room, or will this negatively affect the hot tub?   Thank you, Dan

Dated on : 11-20-2013

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Yes you could add an infrared room with a sauna in it as well.  There should be no issues other than the space for seating.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-21-2013


Thank you.  Will be purchasing this system shortly. Is there a schematic available (doing rough-in now) and where on each Infrared sauna panel is the feed, so that I can determine box placement, please?  

Post By : Dan Dated On : 12-05-2013


Here is the installation instructions for an infrared sauna room.   Dan

Click to see attachment
Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 12-09-2013

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