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Feb 2014

Message: Dear Sir, I live in Australia.  I am renovating my bathroom and will be constructing a sauna of approx. 200 cubic foot capacity.  Your website suggests that eight (8) 300W infrared panels would be needed.  Would you please confirm this calculation and  quote to supply the panels and a control unit to run at 220/240 volts. Would you also quote to deliver via airfreight to Sydney. Kind regards, John Moyes

Dated on : 01-15-2013


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To answer the # of panel question, the quantity is based on the formula of either 15 Watts per cubic foot if you whish to have hot air, like in a traditional sauna, or 10 Watts per cubic foot if you do not wish to have hot air and will have the panels close to the person(s) so that the IR radiated strikes their skin to a more significant extent to heat up the person(s). Using this I get either 10 panels or 7 panels. I will also pass your query on to sales to calculate shipping costs for you.   Dieter Technical Support Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas

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Hi Dieter, Thanks for your prompt reply.  My plan is to use laminated safety glass on the front and one side wall, which limits available space to mount panels.  If I mount 8 panels on the back wall, can I mount 2 panels on the ceiling?  Also, could you let me know where you are based? Regards,John 

Post By : John Moyes Dated On : 01-15-2013


We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ceiling would not be as good as mouting them low, such as below the seat.  Heat at the ceiling is wasted and for that reason sauna ceilings shouldn't be higher than 7ft.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-15-2013


Hi Dieter, Before I retired, I worked in the mining industry and visited Canada regularly – a truly beautiful country of great contrasts. However, I did struggle with the winters a bit! I can rearrange the panels to fit all 10 units on the walls.  I can avoid customs costs at this end by dividing the shipment into lots with a total cost including freight of less than A$1000.  Could you send the panels in two shipments of 5 units with the controller in a separate package? I look forward to your quote. Regards,John 

Post By : John Moyes Dated On : 01-15-2013


I am forwarding this to our Peter Moroz email [email protected].  He is the person to set up the order, split it into two shipments and work out shipping costs and advise you of payment methods. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-15-2013


Dear John, I am presently awaiting a few quotes.  I will forward them to your attention as soon as I receive them.   Is there an email address that I can send the quotes to?    Please Advise. Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager Northern Lights Group

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-17-2013


Hi Peter, Please use this email address ([email protected]) for all correspondence. Looking forward to the quote. Regards,John 

Post By : John Moyes Dated On : 01-17-2013

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