Infrared Sauna Panel on Floorby Admin
Jan 2014

Message: Hello,    I had previously bought 2 Infrared sauna panels from you and mounted them on the sidewalls of my sauna. (They are fantastic!)  My sauna is outside, and the one ceramic panel under the seat does little to warm my feet.   I have seen saunas with carbon panels placed on the floor under a wooded grid.  Is it possible to use one of your panels for this.  I usually place a thin towel on the wood floor to prevent sweat from going on the floor.  Thanks Bob PS Happy Holidays!

Dated on : 12-20-2012


Replies :

You can do that, provided you assure water never drips on these and you ensure there is some structure present that can bear your weight.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 12-20-2012

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