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Nov 2013

Message: Which sauna heaters, both conventional and infrared can I use with existing household outlets? I have an unused dryer outlet, and could potentially use the water heater outlet by unplugging it when necessary. The sauna building is across the yard.

Dated on : 10-25-2012


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This depends on the size of the sauna room.  A dryer outlet will likely be 30 amps.  There is no magic regarding heater size, you require heat energy to heat the room and the larger the room the more energy required.  Most saunas operate on 220 VAC as this circuit can handle the larger output for a heater, and generally most sauna rooms require a 3 Kw and up to heat them properly..   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-25-2012


Hi,Thank you for that.But I am still a bit confused.What is the 3 kw?And which of your heaters would work for me? What info would I have to find out about my system?How could I possibly tell what's up with my system on my own?Pamela

Post By : Pamela Telford Dated On : 10-25-2012


Pamela the 3 Kw or 3000 watts refers to the size of a heater (the amount of power).   As I said you need to tell me the size of the sauna room (L x  W x H) you are looking at and then I can tell you how big of a heater your will need, this then will tell you what type of circuit you will require and if you can use your existing circuits (dryer or hot water)   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-25-2012


Hello again Dan,5x9x6 (slanting upward a foot or two). Cedar, well insulated.We live on Maui at 4000 feet but it never really gets cold. Just a nice nip at night in the winter about 4am. I would love to use a solar panel and save power to a battery. Is that out of the question in terms of the power needed?Thank you again!Pamela

Post By : Pamela Telford Dated On : 10-25-2012


You wood need about a 6.0 Kw heater heater or 6000 Watts.  This is definitely out of range for a solar system.  You would need a 220 VAC power supply capable of about 30 amp so your dryer plug would just do.  However as with will all electrical installation you would need to contact a local electrician to ensure you are to code.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-25-2012


Thank you Dan.We will have to decide on infrared or traditional and then price it all out. Pamela

Post By : Pamela Telford Dated On : 10-26-2012


Hello again,What electric heater of yours would you recommend? Pamela

Post By : Pamela Telford Dated On : 10-31-2012


Again this is all dependent on the size of the sauna room you are heating Cubic Volume = length x width x height.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-31-2012


Hi Dan,I put that in a previous email and you referred me to a size 220 and 30.It is just that you have many choices with many other different numbers and I didn't see these numbers clearly. Thank you!Pamela Telford(I'll see if I can find that email with the measurements)

Post By : Pamela Telford Dated On : 11-01-2012


Pamela each heater is meant for a certain size of sauna room. Once I know the room size I can recommend a heater! Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-01-2012

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