6.0 Kw SE sauna heater w/ Digital Controllerby Admin
May 2013


Can you send me a digital installation manual? HTML or PDF format?

Is the Digital Controller mounted outside of the room with a thermal coupling within the cabinet?

            thanks, john

Dated on : 09-03-2012


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Figure 8 in the attached instructions can be used for heaters 6 kW and under.  Yes unit is mounted outside of sauna in a suitable 3-gang box.  Service cable (3 C/#10) comes to the Mercuri unit and load cable (2C/#10) goes from the Mercuri unit to heater.  The thermostat i s installed near the ceiling above the heater.


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 11-03-2012

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Paul Welch   06:29 PM , 19 Oct 2012
can you post those instructions again please ? I have the same problem. Thanks.
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